Product Lines
 American Silk Flower American Silk Flower
Large selection of Santa Claus figures
and Christmas Ornaments.

 Ancient Graffiti Ancient Graffiti
A collection of truly unique nature-inspired
gifts for the home and garden
 The Bird Barn The Bird Barn
All Natural Wild Birdseed Wreaths, Treats & Gifts for Bird Lovers.
 Bright Ideas Bright Ideas
Unique and innovative holiday home decor!
Glamorous glittering, floral and decorative accessories.
Hand poured All American made candle line boasts an array of mouthwatering fragrances.
 Forever Flame MYSTIQUE forever flame by Boston Warehouse
Lifelike flickering flame
A safe alternative to real candles. No open flame. Safe near children and pets!
 Cabin Critters Cabin Critters
Your plush connection to the great outdoors.
A premier line of Plush Fish, Saltwater and Freshwater, Sea Creatures, Ducks/Birds, and North American Wildlife.
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